We are currently beta testing and will be available in app stores in 2022!

inqli is a social app that makes asking questions, sharing diverse perspectives, and discovering opportunities simple, accessible and inspiring

Curious people access advice, knowledge and opportunities in a diverse and inclusive network.

Generous people provide insight and guidance while building relationships with current and future colleagues, to help everyone move forward on purpose.

Partners empower an engaged workforce by creating opportunities for people to connect with one another.

out loud.

inqli encourages people to be curious and ask questions. By democratizing access to professional networks and knowledgeable resources, inqli empowers people to cultivate valuable opportunities and make informed decisions about their futures.

We're on
a mission.

inqli’s not-for-profit research partner, Rethink Thinking, is an incubator for transforming education and learning.

Rethink Thinking supports young people to develop the skills needed for today’s era of rapid change and interconnection. We work with educators, not-for-profit organizations, the public sector, enterprises and youth themselves. Through our programs, people become engaged community members, explore higher learning and self-discovery, find meaningful vocations and design ways to engage (and think) differently.

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